Panmure District School

Education & Training

Address 87 Mount Wellington Highway
Phone 09 527 7659

Our aim at Panmure District School is to provide an excellent education for all our children in a caring, happy environment. We want our students to feel secure as they develop self-confidence in a supportive and active environment where learning is central to all we do. It is the belief of our learning community that we are all here, teachers, parents and students to enrich children's learning. It is the close co-operation between parents and teachers that ensures quality educational experiences for our students.

Our students are encouraged to work and play together, to share and to respect one another. Panmure District School strives to be a place where both students and staff enjoy working in harmony. We have high expectations for all students and we want each of them to work hard to realise their personal potential. We recognise and celebrate student’s diverse abilities, interests, and ethnicity, and our aim is to provide wide ranging programmes to meet these individual needs. We enjoy celebrating the progress and achievement of each student.

We are proud of our school’s heritage – we are the oldest primary school in Panmure.