Ashok's Barber Shop

Hair, Body & Beauty

Address Panmure Plaza, Shop 5, 100 Queens Rd
Phone 09 527 6669
Hours Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 10am to 4pm

Ashok’s Barber is a legend in Panmure, with an Auckland wide reputation build over 21 years.

It was first opened at 20 Clifton Court in 1997, and moved into the Panmure Plaza at 100 Queens Road in 2007. Ash, the owner of Ashok’s Barber, is not only enjoying the fruits of his business, he is earning the loyalty of his customers, who come from all over Auckland for his expertise.

Ash works hard to ensure his customers get quality service and walk out satisfied. However, it’s not easy running a one man business; there are many things need to keep an eye on and no one can cover his shift if need be. On the plus side though, as he is the only person who works in his business, he has great control over quality and gets good reviews consistently on Google as a result. Ash enjoys offering his customers tailored personal barber services, and of course knows the expectations and the tastes of all of his return customers!