Chinese New Settlers Services Trust


Address 15-19 Clifton Court
Phone 09 570 1188
Hours Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Chinese New Settlers Services Trust (CNSST), has been a registered charitable trust since 1998. It offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to both Asian new settlers and the community as a whole in New Zealand. For the initial 3 years, CNSST operated at the founder Jenny Wang’s home garage without any external funding. Now the organization has developed to a medium-size NGO serving more than 15,000 local Asian migrants per annum by a professional and cohesive team including 38 paid staff, 100+ contracted tutors or counsellors, and over 50 long-term volunteers.

CNSST provides wraparound services by its five teams:

• Social work & counseling team: Annually serving over 200 individuals and families and running community parenting programmes for over 500 local young parents

• Employment & enterprise team: Annually serving over 800 job seekers with over 330 successful job placements

• Education & settlement team: Annually serving over 500 new comers with settlement support and over 2000 youths and community participants into cultural and art programmes

• Korean community services team: Annually serving over 200 Korean families

• Social enterprise team: Annually serving over 2000 elderly through Senior Mutual Support Networks, as well as educating over 1800 young students at CNSST Cultural Learning Centres.

As a professional service provider, CNSST has been approved and certified as the following:

- In 2002: Approved by CYFNZ as a service provider to the local Asian community, mainly Chinese, Korean and other Asian migrant communities, e.g. Cambodian and Vietnamese migrants

- In 2010: Approved by NZICA as an ATO

- In May 2013: Approved by NZQA as a PTE.

Year 2013 is CNSST’s 15th anniversary. In the Long term, CNSST aims to be developed as an Asian community hub to provide services to the local Asian minority communities in a holistic approach, as well as to develop it to be a successful social enterprise.