Carey College

Community Services & Education

Address 21 Domain Rd
Phone 09 570 5873
Hours Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

Year 1 - 13 Christian Schooling in a personal, caring environment with: - internationally recognised excellence in student achievement - small classes - help for students of all abilities - teaching adapted to each child's gifts and needs - the Cambridge International Curriculum and qualifications - a school culture shaped by the Bible and centred on Jesus Christ

Carey College has been providing quality schooling for children of all ages for more than 25 years. Our commitment to nurturing children in knowledge and excellence for Christ sees us welcome children of all abilities and integrate them into a flexible, personal school programme that is only possible in a small-school environment. With that flexibility, and with the Cambridge International Curriculum, we offer a full range of subjects in the sciences, languages, liberal arts, fine arts, sports and technology that many bigger schools cannot adapt to. Our school life and curriculum is shaped by a biblical-Christian world view that is more than a code of moral values: life and learning are integrated through faith in Christ and a commitment to serve God and our community. Carey College is managed by a registered charity that keeps fees as low as possible and provides scholarships for families in special need.