About PBA

The vision of the PBA is for the township of Panmure to be a busy and thriving shopping, service and ‘eating out’ destination that is the focal point of the surrounding community.

Panmure Roundabout

The PBA's purpose is to utilise, the special Business Improvement District (BID) rate, with the desire to increase the viability of our businesses and the value of the properties in our defined area.

Each of our 150 building owners, within a defined commercial area of Panmure, pay a special targeted rate that is collected by Auckland Council in the annual rates bill. This fund is then distributed back to the PBA in quarterly instalments that is to be used for projects and promotions within the town centre. A Board consisting of building and business owners or managers within the defined BID area, decide how funds are to be spent.

Some of our current services for our Members include:

Promotions and Events:
• The Monthly Business Newsletter is printed ten times a year.
• The distribution of information that is relevant to businesses and providing on going support and relevant updates.
• Panmure’s Community Christmas Parade & Festival, Tastes of Panmure event, and other smaller events throughout the year.
• Business Network Meetings

Safety is a key role with the:
• Payment and upkeep of the Under Veranda Lighting throughout the town.
• Daily Security Patrol, surveillance and liaison with the NZ Police.
• Ownership, monitoring and maintenance of a comprehensive CCTV security camera system.
• The reporting of any graffiti to Graffiti Guard and ensuring tags are promptly removed.

Keeping our town clean and tidy:
• By co-ordinating repairs and maintenance of the public areas.
• Annual clean of the 5 service lanes in the town centre.
• Annual clean of the under veranda business signs.

Liaising with local community groups and local projects.

Liaising with the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board, Auckland Council and other local government organisations (CCO’s).

Keeping businesses informed with any developments that will impact on the Tamaki area into the future – currently AMETI – Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative, and the Tamaki Transformation Project.

This work is conducted by the PBA employees who are currently:
Town Centre Manager - Chris Sutton, chris@panmure.net.nz
Accounts Manager - Dannielle Carter, accounts@panmure.net.nz
Security Patrol Officer - Taoa Folekene, security@panmure.net.nz 027 53 53 017
Communications Coordinator - Katie Chan, communications@panmure.net.nz
Marketing, Events and Promotions - Renu Ryder, promote@panmure.net.nz